Choosing a career path can be a difficult task for any student.  The purpose of career counseling is to assist students in making a realistic career decision.  By doing this, they choose the academic course that best suits their interests, aptitude and personality.

Subject choices will heavily influence the career choices that the student may have.  Hopefully the student chooses subjects  that compliment their likes and interests so as to assist with career making decisions. 

Through our specific Psychometric Assessments, and as part of the counselling process,  students are guided towards the most suitable subjects and career choices for them.  After the assessments have been completed,  an in-depth interview will be conducted with the student  to discuss results and advise on a suitable career choice. 

The results from the Psychometric Assessments will  also provide a Career Index consisting of the critical job-profiles (according to the most crucial job requirements of each job) of hundreds of job/careers to hone in on the final decision-making flowing from the assessment function to the basic essential detail the concept consists of.

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