We offer the only Dedicated Integrity measuring instruments. The following seven instruments constitute the arsenal of specialist tests in the Integrity sphere:

Integrity Profile 200 (IP-200) – This is a very comprehensive, diagnostic and developmental instrument that will measure the complex concept of Integrity, to make predictions on future behaviour, and/or develop Integrity on an individual or corporate basis.
Integrity Measuring Instrument (IMI) - This assessment is the shorter and simpler version of the IP-200. The IMI is especially useful for screening purposes.
Culture of Integrity – This assessment can be used specifically for the development of Integrity, and especially to the rolling out of a Culture of Integrity in an organization.
Basic Integrity Profile – The (BIP) is a condensed version of the (IP-200), specifically for the short listing process of recruitment.
General Integrity Profile (GIP) – The GIP presents a concise assessment of basic, but general, Integrity of the entire population and to serve a multiple purpose, not only in the World of Work.
Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) – This assessment will assess an individual’s general disposition to helping others and to serve the best interest of the organisation, by demonstrating a willingness ‘to walk the extra mile’ in assisting co-workers when in personal need as well as developing their skills and furthering their careers.
Counter productive Work Behaviour (CWB) – This assessment will measure the tendency on the part of the individual to demonstrate counterproductive work behaviour in the organisation or even towards co-workers.
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