In addition to the Dedicated Integrity Assessments, we also offer Psychomteric tests that assesses specific subjects they are dedicated to, as mentioned below:

Cognitive and Potential Assessment (COPAS) – This assessment measures an individual’s cognitive functioning in a comprehensive way, to measure Current Mental Ability, Potential to Develop and Eventual Cognitive Capacity if optimal opportunity and stimulation for cognitive growth are available.
Brain Orientation Profile – The (BOP) measures the brain-orientation of an individual, indicating left or right brain dominance and the typical characteristics associated with that specific dominance.
Personality at Work (PAW) – Measures an individual’s entire personality field. It is the most comprehensive personality test on the market and provides conclusive information on all angles relative to the field of personality.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) – This specialised report provides the required information regarding Emotional Intelligence in a work situation, in practical terms.
Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) – This assessment provides the required information regarding Entrepreneurial Orientation in a work situation in practical terms.
Financial Orientation (FO) – This report provides the required information to determine the individual’s “fit” to the general job requirement profile of a typical Financial position in the world of work – other than the technical/professional knowledge and expertise that is obtained from studies and work experience in the financial sphere.
Managerial Orientation (MO) – The MO provides the general requirements that are typically associated with a person functioning effectively in the managerial capacity at work.
Basic Aptitude Profile – The (BAP) determines the fundamental leaning an individual has in terms of the more primary and intrinsic abilities and attributes he/she possesses on which careers are built. The BAP assesses and guides an individual more in terms of the basic ‘broad stream of careers’ that his/her basic human capacity profile will allow him/her to successfully enter into.
Comprehensive Aptitude Profile (CAP)  – Covers “career – fit” in much more detail. It guides the user in the counselling process and provides a Career Index consisting of critical job-profiles of hundreds of jobs/careers.
Security Assessment Profile (SAP) – Competency test specialising in serving the security industry.
Driver Assessment Profile (DAP)  – Specialises in the field of driving. It assesses the critical human factors that differentiate between people who perform the Driver function in a professional capacity in terms of a sound and multiple criteria of success.
TROIKA – Specialised assessment battery for high level or executive appointments, succession planning and development. This battery includes the Personality at Work, Integrity Profile and Cognitive and Potential Assessment, with specialised reports.
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