Psychometric Assessments is a testing procedure, designed to provide objective measures of one or more psychological characteristics.  The importance of Psychometric Assessments is that they produce measures obtained through standardized assessment conditions that have known reliability and validity (i.e provides a reliable and appropriate way of comparing an individual’s performance against that of others)

The primary objective  of the service rendered is to ensure that psychological assessments are conducted appropriately, professionally and ethically, with due regard to the needs and rights of those involved in the assessment process, the reason for the assessment and the broader context in which the assessment takes place.

There is growing evidence indicating that the use of Psychometric Assessments in a Human Resources environment has increased in recent years.  Psychometric Assessments  empower businesses to transform team and individual performance, and deliver an immediate impact on a business. 

As the benefits of Psychometric Assessments become recognized, more organizations are using psychometric assessments to enhance HR strategies on recruitment, selection, career development and succession planning.
Within most organisations, employees determine the success of the company. For this reason, it is vital for the company to select the right candidate for a particular position in the recruitment process. Not only should the company select the right candidate fit for their environment but also retain and develop their current talent.

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