1. Better than a gut feeling

Using the correct psychometric tests can improve your selection outcomes by 24%!

2. Results are measurable

Matching the job requirements with psychometric results allows companies to measure the effectiveness of HR initiatives and quantify people related to ROI.  This helps to show that HR is a critical function in any business.


3. You don’t need a Psych degree

Psychometric testing provides well designed reports,  rich in data, written in simple language to make it easy for you to make an informed recruitment decision.

4. Creates a positive Employer Brand

Research indicates that a fair recruitment process creates a positive first impression of an organization’s brand.  Psychometric assessments provides the platform where everyone’s value is equally judged, helping to position you as an employer of choice.

5. Shaping your HR Strategy

An effective HR Strategy is based on a foundation of  information and high quality data.  Psychometric tests can provide important insight that can help HR Strategies, including recruitment, succession planning, talent management, retention, employee engagement and workforce capabilities.  It is all about applying data to improve your HR Strategy!

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