Superior Psychometric Tests and Assessments (SPTA) assist our clients to recruit, develop, retain and effectively manage their people through superior, high quality Psychometric Assessments.  We’ll add a high level of confidence to all your people related decisions.

SPTA is different, because our Psychometric Assessments are straightforward to understand, quick to use with speedy results and detailed reports available.  We will provide practical assistance and advice.  Our goal is to empower you to use Psychometric Assessments to create maximum value for your organization or you as an individual.

We serve our clients on an ongoing, personal way, irrespective of the uniqueness or complexity of their requirements.
Psychometric Assessments are selected to meet the organisation's specific needs and requirements. These assessments can be used for varying reasons which could include selection, promotion, training or career counselling.

SPTA's tests produce a so-called Summarized Report as the first product of the assessment process. This Summarized Report normally consists of a one page report reflecting all the critical results of the test for the purpose of analysis, diagnosis, prediction and decision-making by the user. Thereafter, detailed reports will be available to provide the user with more information to interpret the results.

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